Information about the Morazan Model for Free Cities

Embark on a revolutionary journey where the entrepreneurial spirit transcends traditional boundaries, giving rise to communities that embody innovation, autonomy, and prosperity.

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Inspired by the pioneering prototype of Ciudad Morazan, The Morazan Model Association is your compass to navigating the transformative world of free cities.

Are you an entrepreneur with a vision that surpasses the confines of conventional governance? An investor seeking untapped opportunities in emergent societies? A digital nomad exploring the world? Here, we examine the blueprint of a new era where governance is offered as a service. 

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Explore the insights from our inspiring book that lays the foundation for entrepreneurial governance. Discover how the Morazan model pioneers an ecosystem where businesses flourish, communities thrive, and individuals wield the power to shape their destinies.


Through The Morazan Model Association, uncover the full potential of what it means to live and operate within entrepreneurial governance structures that champion freedom, innovation, and growth.


Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge analyses, thought leadership articles, and the latest developments from the front lines of free cities. Our blog is a treasure trove of knowledge, drawing from the core concepts of our groundbreaking book.


Connect with like-minded pioneers in a collective quest to redefine the paradigms of society and commerce. As a member, you are the vanguard of a movement set to reshape the world.

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Embrace the opportunity to be part of a pioneering community.

Get access to resources, discussions, and events that will empower your entrepreneurial journey. You will –

  • Receive early updates and insider information on the evolving landscape of free cities and the Morazan model.
  • Gain insights into harnessing the full potential of entrepreneurial governance to revolutionize how business intersects with community development.
  • Be the first to access new blog posts that delve into the principles and practices detailed in our book, providing a roadmap for innovation in governance.
  • Have the opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs and investors who share your vision for a more autonomous and prosperous society.
  • Help shape the dialogue and direction of a burgeoning movement that redefines freedom in entrepreneurship and investment.
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Joyce Brand
​Co-Founder and CEO

Author of Pioneering Prosperity and co-author of Economics and the Spiritual Life of Free Men, Joyce Brand seamlessly bridges the worlds of entrepreneurship and governance. Residing in Ciudad Morazán, Honduras, a pioneering ZEDE, she pens insights for the Free Cities Foundation and has been featured on platforms like the Foundation for Economic Education. Joyce is an avid traveler, challenge-seeker, and proud cat parent—because every visionary needs a feline sidekick.

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Alex Ugorji, Co-Founder and President

Alex Ugorji is an entrepreneur and educator interested in prosperity zones, breakaway civilizations, and disruptive technologies. He started the Crypto Frontier, an intentional crypto community in Saipan, and co-founded a blockchain software company RaiPay. He is also the co-founder of Nakamoto Financial, a consulting and financial technology company. He moved to Ciudad Morazán to become one of the first residents of this free private city, where he currently works as a consultant, community manager, and Free Cities Ambassador.

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Monday, April 22, 2024

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